Happy Chanukah from my Mother in Heaven


It’s happened once more. My mother has come for a visit. It’s been more than four years since I’ve seen her in the flesh, but she continues to stay close and prod me along. She’s been saying to me for some time: “When’s your memoir going to be published?” And I’ve said to her on repeated occasions, just let’s be patient. Let’s see if I can snag an editor’s attention on Chabad.org. Their readers are my readers. Their journey is my journey. Their about face toward a Torah-led way of life came at a high cost to their closest relationships and lifestyle choices. But they did it. We did it. And we all have Chabad to thank.

So without further ado, as my mother – the London trained actress – would have said, here’s Chanukah in Montreal: a 1957 cause for celebration. Because without it, I wouldn’t be here…And without Chabad.org to publish excerpts, I wouldn’t be reaching my audience.



Author: admin

I'm a Jerusalem-based artist and writer of a memoir in progress about rediscovering my Jewish roots in Japan.