About Liane

Liane Grunberg Wakabayashi left her hometown of New York City in 1987 for a spiritual adventure in Tokyo that continues to this day. She is a journalist, exhibiting artist, and teacher of her own intuitive art approach called the Genesis Way. In 1991 Liane married Taoist philosopher and teacher Akihiko Wakabayashi. Their two children,  raised in suburban Setagaya, now live in Israel with her as she settles into the life of an olah hadasha, a new immigrant. She has published articles about her thirty year Tokyo life story and her family for the Jerusalem Post, the Jewish Forward, the Japan Times and Kyoto Journal. Upon arriving in Israel, the Jerusalem Ministry of Absorption awarded Liane with an artists’ grant and “expert artist” status. From her new home in Yemin Moshe, Liane continues to write about her life and draw panoramic scenes of the Old City from her balcony.  To find more: https://www.genesiscards.com