Rewriting the Story

liane flyer4I’ve been experiencing a bit of a slump in my memoir.  I know, I know. I shouldn’t be too hard on myself when the words don’t come and the line edits don’t flow and the title of the book itself needs an overhaul.

That’s life. And I’m doing the best I can to make sense of a story that was written with the expectations of an entirely different outcome. I got the happily ever after ending. It’s just not in Japan anymore. And it’s not with a presumed central character of my life story.

Here’s the big difference between writing a novel and writing a memoir. A novel is presumed to be full of invention. A memoir to be true. But what I’ve discovered in these long, long years of attempting to sort out my life story on paper is that it’s set in sand, not stone, always shifting as my awareness shifts.

Thank goodness the slump in my memoir isn’t spilling over into other areas of my life. The art is going well. I’ve opened a cute stall at Jerusalem’s First Station to sell my joy for the historic village I paint and draw these days. I’m writing the occasional article for the Jerusalem Post and starting to review books too. Soon I leave for Japan where I’ll be offering art workshops to my wonderful former friends and new students too. So life is good. From a place of “all is well” the story continues!

And if you’re in Tokyo 4/21, please come say hello and join me at Genesis Art at the beautiful Sun and Moon Yoga Studio in Gotanda. I’ll be sharing the new title of my book there…just in case you’re curious…

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I'm a Jerusalem-based artist and writer of a memoir in progress about rediscovering my Jewish roots in Japan.