Coming of Age in Jerusalem

What a happy day this is! I finally figured a way to get back into my WordPress account. What seemed like Mission Impossible was resolved in a phone call to GoDaddy where the nice lady at the end of the line walked me through the steps of resetting password and the email address that I lost when I left Tokyo for Jerusalem last year in June.

With so much in the way of resettling in a new city, a non-English speaking one yet again when it comes to bureaucracy, to helping my kids adjust to this rocky, sunny, ancient city with so much charm and intrigue, getting locked out of WordPress seemed the least of my worries.

But in this day and age, it really was a big deal. I couldn’t let you know about the exciting goings on, about writing for the Jewish Forward about my daughter’s 20th year Coming of Age ceremony in Jerusalem in full kimono regalia.

You probably missed too  my article for the Jerusalem Post’s weekend magazine, InJerusalem, about Israelis with  deep cultural ties to Japanese culture that were sometimes even longer than my thirty years in Japan.

Since moving to Israel, I’ve been working toward completion of a memoir that used to be called The Wagamama Bride. That was when I had a different ending–or so I thought. It was  tale about doing my best to root myself in a Japanese family and come out nearly thirty years later reconciled to spending the rest of my life in Japan. Instead, what happened? I decided to come last summer in Israel to reflect on where I was going and the small  voice inside stunned me by saying what my heart was feeling: “You are here. You are home.”

So  I found a house overlooking the old city of Jerusalem within stone’s throw of where Adam and Eve were plausibly born. It took two suitcases to get here but thirty years to wake up to wanting a Jewish way of life where I was no longer in the nano-minority. In October I became an Israeli citizen.  In future blogs I’ll tell you more about the art and writing life in Israel and the daily challenges I face navigating the surreal. Thanks dear readers for following my story.

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I'm a Jerusalem-based artist and writer of a memoir in progress about rediscovering my Jewish roots in Japan.